Eamonn`s ceramic work covers a wide range of subject matter including sculptural forms, studio pottery and portraiture. The pieces vary in size, ranging from plinth based ceramics through to life size sculptures. 
The Young Boquet ( ceramic stoneware lifesize)
Weeping Man ( ceramic stoneware wood  mirror lifesize) 
Dropped Portrait ( ceramic stoneware. 35 cms. high )


Eamonn uses a comprehensive range of techniques to produce his work in clay including; carving, press moulding, hand building, and slip casting. To colour the work he use oxides and glazes. 



Homeless Dream ( Ceramic Earthenware 65 x50 cms )
Suspended Figure ( wood wire air clay 50 x 50 cms.)
The Dreamer ( Ceramic Earthenware 56 x47 cms )
Rain Catchers ( ceramic stoneware 40 cms high )