'The Best of Boro' paintings

As part of Middlesbrough's bid for city status and the centenary celebrations for the Transporter Bridge, Eamonn McGovern is doing a series of paintings that celebrate what Middlesbrough has to offer. From the Riverside to Boro Pizzas - Eamonn wants to reflect what makes the town great. 

The original paintings are available to buy, starting at £400, or canvas prints from £50. Or if you want something a bit more quirky then we can do the prints of the paintings on coasters, cushions (see below) mousemats, mugs, deckchairs, shower curtains, aprons......starting from as little as £3.  Email http://eamonnmcgovern@msn.com for more details.

 Middlesbrough Town Hall. (acrylic on canvas 140 x140 cms.)


Middlesbrough Railway Station - (acrylic on canvas 60x46cm)

The Cob on the Tees (Acrylic on canvas)


Transporter Bridge Centenary - Middlesbrough (Acrylic on canvas 80 x60 cms.)
The end of a good night out  (Acrylic on canvas 70 cms.high x 70 cms.wide)
Mima and the Bottle of Notes (Acrylic on canvas 40 x 60cm)
The Riverside at Dusk (Acrylic on canvas 140 cms wide x 140 cms high)
The Clock Tower Middlehaven.(acrylic on canvas 140 x140cms.)
The Dorman Museum (Acrylic on canvas 80cms.x 60 cms)
Albert Park Lake at Dusk (acrylic on canvas 50x40cm)
Middlesbrough Town Hall (acrylic on canvas 40cms. x30 cms.)
Acklam Hall (Acrylic on canvas 60 cms.x 50 cms.)
A Riverside View - Middlesbrough (Acrylic on canvas 80 cms.x 60 cms)
The Avenue of Trees to Acklam Hall (Acrylic on canvas)
Path through the rapeseed field Guisborough.
(acrylic on canvas140 x 140 cms.)
Dr. Browns After The Rain (acrylic on canvas)
Newport Bridge at Sunrise.
( acrylic on canvas 140 cms. wide x 140 cms high)
River Tees at Sunset towards Stockton
( acrylic on canvas 140 cms.wide x 140 cms high)
Gibson House Queens Square
(acrylic on canvas 80cms wide x 60cms high)
Summer Showers Albert Park
(acrylic on canvas)
 Old and New (Acrylic on canvas 45 cms.x 60 cms.)
Dusk Acklam Hall ( acrylic on canvas 140 x 140 cms.)
Guisborough Priory ( acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cms.)
"On the way to the match" (acrylic on canvas 76 x 60 cms.)