'Urban Edge' paintings

Since 2003 I have been working on a series of paintings that have focused on the plight and situations of the homeless and street people. This subject matter has moved me the more I have observed it, and my aim is to move the feelings of the people who look at my paintings.

Homeless Glance (acrylic on wood).     
  People going about their everyday lives try not to see the situation of the homeless, as it can make them feel uncomfortable and perhaps remind them of how vunerable anyone can be to life`s unexpected events. The viewer can look at my paintings without having to stare at an individual in the street, and in doing so, reflect on aspects of urban life that they have never had to deal with. The pictures are painted using acrylic paint on either opened out cardboard boxes or wood panel 









A Man Being Held By His Spirit
 (acrylic on wood)

 Looking for Dad  (acrylic on wood)

 Man On An Island   (acrylic on  a cardboard box)


Thank You (acrylic on  a cardboard box)

No Trousers in Paddington (acrylic on a cardboard box)


Desperate Spirit (acrylic on wood)


 Cold and Hungry (acrylic on a cardboard box)


Icarus (acrylic on wood)


The Girl I Left Behind Me (acrylic on wood)


Fragile, Fragile, Fragile (acrylic on wood)

A Man Turning into Litter ( acrylic on wood 120 x 100 cms.)

Struggle ( acrylic on wood 120 x 110 cms.)

The Assumere Of A Homeless Man Into The Kingdom Of Heaven (acrylic on paper)

Birthday Boy (acrylic on a cardboard box )



Installation Middlesbrough