Eamonn McGovern will be showing six new art works Sculptures and Painting at the Spring Show at Palace Arts Gallery in Redcar , Cleveland. from 30 th. March untill 31 st. May 2019. Website


The Cob's 100th Birthday

Handing over my painting of the ‘Cob’ to the boat's owner James Muggoch - on its centenary. The boat was built at Middlesbrough’s famous Smiths Dock and launched on November 7th, 1911.


Exhibition by local artist celebrates the 'Best of Boro'

An exhibition showcasing the jewel in Teesside’s crown goes on show this week.

 Acclaimed local artist Eamonn McGovern’s paintings capture Middlesbrough’s diversity, from its rich industrial heritage to the art works and buildings pointing to the future.

The ‘Best of Boro’ exhibition is formally launched on Thursday, September 8 at 3.30pm, on Platform 1 at Middlesbrough Railway Station.

A further five pictures will be on display from tomorrow at Gallery TS1 on Corporation Road as part of the City at Heart initiative.

Eamonn has produced a special series of paintings celebrating the very best of Middlesbrough as part of the town’s on-going bid for city status and to mark the centenary of Teesside’s iconic Transporter Bridge next month.

The artist asked the public to tell him what makes the town great – hence a series of paintings which range from Temenos and the Avenue of Trees to the Hairy Lemon and Boro Pizza.

Eamonn has worked as a professional artist for more than 30 years  since completing a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in 1978.

Working from studios on Teesside, Eamonn is also an active member of the Platform Arts studio group based at Middlesbrough Railway Station whose aim is to bring contemporary art and craft to a wider audience.

Tomorrow’s launch will feature afternoon tea followed by brief speeches and a chance to view the original paintings and poster sites on both platforms.

Eamonn said: “Middlesbrough has been a great home to me as an artist and provided a lot of inspiration for my work over the years. I think the bid for city status is a great idea so I wanted to do something to help.

“People often don't think about the cultural side of Middlesbrough, they just think about the industry and yet there is so much unique architecture in the area. I wanted to capture the beauty and personality of our town and I think this series of paintings does that.”

Councillor Charlie Rooney, Middlesbrough Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “Middlesbrough is recognised for its industrial heritage, but we have also produced many great artists.

“They’re never short of inspiration and great subject matter, and this terrific exhibition by Eamonn encapsulates that perfectly.

“His pictures show a great fondness and understanding of the town’s past alongside an appreciation of and genuine enthusiasm for the direction it is now taking.”!/notes/lovemiddlesbrough/exhibition-by-local-artist-celebrates-the-best-of-boro/278883085471120


Artist backs Middlesbrough city status bid

by Chris Hole, Evening Gazette 



Transporter Centenary + Middlesbrough City Status Bid

As part of Middlesbrough's bid for city status and the centenary celebrations for the Transporter Bridge, Eamonn McGovern is doing a series of paintings that celebrate what Middlesbrough has to offer. From the Riverside to the clock tower - Eamonn wants to reflect what makes the town great. 

If you have any ideas for what would make a good Boro painting email him at   

Each painting will be put up on the website when it's done. Here is the first one for you:

Transporter Bridge Centenary - Middlesbrough (Acrylic on canvas)

For more information about the city status bid see:


Exhibition New Greenham Arts


Eamonn McGovern Arts on BBC Radio 2

One of Eamonn McGovern's shirt designs was described as 'superb' by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 and was pictured on the Radio 2 website worn by Eamonn's daughter - Steph McGovern.  Click on the link for more details and the picture:


Launch of Platform Arts

Gazette article:

"A UNIQUE new arts collective has been launched in Middlesbrough. Platform Arts has recently moved into newly constructed, purpose-built studios at Middlesbrough Railway Station. Housed in the old British Rail Parcel Store and Fish Quay, the latest addition to Middlesbrough's creative and cultural quarter now provides studio space for 13 professional artists and craftspeople. Platform Arts is a Tees Valley-based charity set up to support the development of art in the region by providing artists with good quality affordable studios. Artists within the new studios include contemporary painters, printmakers, sculptors and craftspeople...." see more at:


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